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My name is Matteo Basile (b.' Teo in art), are been born to Taranto the nineteenth day of the warm month of june of 1974.
Ended the artistic grammar school, I dedicate myself to artistic experimentations of every kind: from the traditional use of the paint-brush until arriving to new creations... also with the contribution of modern technologies tied to computer science...
Materico in my kind, nearly abstractionist, I leave that my works tell of the feelings and the always various emotions the public; extremist, spontaneous in my life but not in the use of the colors, I stretch to exasperate the chromatic element nearly like if you wanted that the same one took to shape and dimension... that it took life.
Lover of the nature, the life, the sun, the sea... of all this wonderful " Work of Art " that is the universe that it encircles to us, alive the world and the art in never passive way in the constant search of that inner thoroughness that I catch up through the experimentation.
My works like for the greater part of the artists, are born from the importance to communicate and to create a contact with people and between people but they gush also from the emotions, from the feelings that I perceive, from the fears and desire of wanting at all costs to exorcise these ghosts that they accompany to us in the course of our life.

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